Workmanship on Silva wallpaper.

Embroidered Cages is a tribute to dedication, an embroidery without threads, a search for unexplored spatial potential. The wallpaper loses its two-dimensionality: the wholes open up towards the back of the material, the beyond, the here and there are integrated in one single space. The cuts let the light into the darkness, and the darkness into the light.

38 x 39.7 cm

Atto is a graphic design studio located in Milan and directed by Sara Bianchi and Andrea Zambardi. Thanks to a design process that leaves space to theory, to exchange and research, it develops heterogeneous projects: identity systems, editorial products, illustrations and websites.

Atto believes in the value of teaching and collaborates with some schools for young designers. It also develops workshops for children to explain the work of the graphic designer to them.