Collage and mixed techniques on Silva wallpaper

on 15×30cm frame

Vessela Nikolova was born in Bulgaria in 1975. She has lived in Milan since 1986 where she was educated as a fashion designer at NABA and industrial pattern maker at the Istituto Secoli.

She has been working since 1995 as an apparel, knitwear, and accessory designer for ready-to-wear, and as a pattern maker and illustrator.

She teaches creative sewing and style design workshops.

Since 2004, she has been designing the womenswear collection of N_8 MILANO.

Illustration represents a parallel universe for her that awakens and moves, asks questions, plants desires, encourages dreams.

As an author of images she published the illustrated albums “QUESTO è IL BUIO” (This is darkness) in 2012, and “LA MIA FAMIGLIA” (My family) in 2015 with Bacchilega Editore (Imola).